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7–8 Nov 2017: WBCTi to contribute to the “First Line” National Workshop on P/CVE in Albania

Between 7 – 8 Nov 2017, DCAF Ljubljana (WBCTi Lead Partner) will contribute to the First Line Project National Workshop on P/CVE, which is to take place in Tirana, Albania, co-organized by the Slovenian Police (Project Leader) and the Albanian State Police. It will be the 2nd in the series of national workshops under the regional EU-supported project “First Line”, which is led by the Slovenian Police and implemented in partnership with Belgium, Austria, Czech Republic and Croatia. The main purpose is to bring together practitioners and senior policy officials from all relevant sectors/agencies involved in national P/CVE efforts, incl. local NGOs, academia, religious and local communities. Special attention will be devoted to finding solutions how to maximize the potential of the planned inter-agency cooperation, directed toward the development and implementation of a sustainable model based on EU good practices and RAN Centre of Excellence expertise. We will discuss how to ensure that the future support by relevant international partners, such as also the EU RAN Centre of Excellence and the European Strategic Communications Network, will result in a sustainable and integrated solution. The First Line Project co-financed by the EU will contribute to the objectives of the next multi-annual WBCTi Integrated Plan of Action 2018-2019.